How many roles did Jonathan Majors lose out on following his assault conviction?


In the aftermath of Jonathan Majors’ December 2023 conviction for misdemeanor assault and harassment, the Hollywood industry seems to be distancing itself from the former Marvel star. Once celebrated as one of the hottest young stars in American cinema, Majors now finds himself with a sudden gap in his schedule and a decline in career opportunities. The impact of his conviction on his work prospects is complex and multifaceted.

Following the court case, producers and filmmakers are reportedly reluctant to associate with Majors. The critical acclaim he received earlier has been overshadowed, and there is a noticeable absence of new projects in his schedule. The conviction has resulted in the loss of significant roles, marking a stark contrast to the previous enthusiasm surrounding his career.

One of the major blows came when Disney announced Majors’ removal from the role of Kang the Conqueror in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This part not only represented a substantial role but also held the potential for long-term financial stability through sequels, residuals, and the convention circuit.


Additionally, he was dropped from the film “48 Hours In Vegas,” a highly anticipated retelling of an eventful weekend in Dennis Rodman’s life. The film, produced by Aditya Sood, Phil Lord, and Chris Miller, now faces uncertainty without its intended lead. Furthermore, Majors’ completed project, “Magazine Dreams,” faced a setback as its distributor, Searchlight, dropped the film, leaving the completed work in creative limbo.

Even prior to the conviction, Majors had lost roles in the live-action adaptation of Walter Mosley’s novel “The Man in My Basement” and a starring role in the Otis Redding biopic. As of now, Majors has no upcoming projects listed on IMDb, indicating a significant downturn in his career prospects.

While on paper, he may have lost only a couple of high-profile projects, the symbolic impact on his career is immense. The industry that once praised him is seemingly avoiding association, and Majors’ future in Hollywood remains uncertain. Whether he can stage a comeback in the future remains to be seen, as show business has witnessed unexpected comeback stories before.