How many kids does Gordon Ramsay have?


Gordon Ramsay, the renowned chef and TV personality, is not just known for his culinary prowess but also for his dynamic family life. Let’s delve into the details of each of his six children:

Megan Ramsay: At 25, Megan is the eldest Ramsay child. She’s an associate at Freuds, a health and behavior change team company. Megan graduated from Oxford Brooks University in 2019 and has previously interned at various organizations. She has a private life but has been seen spending time with friends, enjoying camping trips, and venturing into casinos. Megan’s dating life was revealed by Gordon on The Kelly Clarkson Show in January 2023.

Holly Anna Ramsay: At 23, Holly Anna is into modeling and social media influencing. Signed to EST Models and CAA, she’s dating Olympic champ Adam Peaty. Holly hosts a podcast called “21 & Over with Holly Ramsay,” discussing mental health, self-identity, and interviews with advocates and musicians.


Jack Scott Ramsay: Jack, aged 23, chose a different path, serving in the UK’s Royal Marines. He’s less active on social media but is known for his interest in health, fitness, and participating in charity marathons.

Tilly Ramsay: At 22, Tilly is an English TV presenter, social media influencer, and chef. She starred in the BBC show “Matilda & The Ramsay Bunch,” wrote a book, and has a significant following on Instagram and TikTok. Tilly is currently dating chartered surveyor Henry Farrow.

Oscar Ramsay: Gordon’s youngest child, Oscar, is four years old. His Instagram, managed by Tilly and Holly, captures moments of his life, often with his father and siblings.

Jesse James Ramsay: The newest addition to the Ramsay family was born on November 8, 2023. Gordon and Tana Ramsay proudly introduced Jesse James, their sixth child, via heartwarming photos shared on social media.

Gordon Ramsay, renowned for his fiery presence in the kitchen, demonstrates a different side as a devoted family man, cherishing every moment with his growing family.