How many episodes will ‘My Hero Academia’ season 7 have?


My Hero Academia fans have eagerly awaited each season, and the seventh season is no exception. However, there’s a twist this time around: season 7 will be shorter than its predecessors, consisting of 21 episodes instead of the usual 25. Here’s why:

  1. Recap Episodes: Before season 7 officially began, four recap episodes titled “My Hero Academia: Memories” aired. While they included some original content and bridged the gap between seasons 6 and 7, they mainly consisted of flashbacks. As these episodes primarily recycled existing material, they are not included in the official episode count for season 7.
  2. Story Pacing: Season 7 covers a significant portion of the Final War Arc in the manga. With the story approaching its climax, the creators likely wanted to end the season at a specific point that would leave viewers satisfied while building anticipation for future developments. The decision to shorten the season may have been influenced by the need to maintain pacing and ensure that there is enough material left for future adaptations.

While some fans may be disappointed by the shorter season, it’s ultimately aimed at delivering a cohesive and impactful viewing experience. Despite its reduced length, season 7 promises plenty of excitement and pivotal moments to captivate audiences. As the series moves toward its conclusion, fans can look forward to enjoying each episode while eagerly anticipating what comes next in the world of My Hero Academia.