How long is The Nun 2? Find out!


It seems like the Conjuring film series will never stop, and now even the spin-offs are getting sequels. The Nun 2 isn’t exactly the finest horror film of the year, but it’s a good popcorn movie for anybody seeking for a few jump scares and some eerie imagery, as we discussed in our review of the sequel. It’s also worthwhile if you just adore the series and are a completionist when it comes to seeing The Conjuring films in chronological sequence. However, you should first find out how long The Nun 2 is before buying a ticket for yourself.

This is a spoiler free article so go ahead, and read it without any hesitation!


How long is The Nun 2?


The length of The Nun 2 is 1 hour and 50 minutes, or 109 minutes and 35 seconds. For comparison, that is around the same length as the fantastic films Moonlight, True Grit, and Ratatouille.

This also implies that The Nun 2’s running duration is 10 minutes longer than that of The Nun, so if you were able to endure the first Nun movie, you shouldn’t have any trouble with this one. Short and sweet horror films are our favourite.