How Fast Is Saitama?


Saitama, the iconic protagonist of One-Punch Man, is renowned for his unparalleled strength and speed, making him one of the most formidable and overpowering characters in fiction.

Determining Saitama’s exact speed has been a challenging task throughout the series. He has showcased incredible feats of agility, reflexes, and swiftness that surpass even the most hypersonic characters within the storyline. Saitama has performed extraordinary acts, such as completing a 1500-meter dash in an instant, effortlessly running down and back up a building to retrieve a dropped piece of salmon, and outmaneuvering renowned fast-paced heroes like Flashy Flash and Speed-O-Sonic.

One notable instance used by fans to estimate Saitama’s top speed is the final battle between him and the alien Boros in the first season of One-Punch Man. During this fight, Saitama is propelled to the moon due to the intensity of the clash. Subsequently, he swiftly jumps from the moon back to Earth in mere seconds.


Based on the moon’s distance from Earth, which is approximately 384,400 kilometers or 238,855 miles, fans have estimated that Saitama covered this distance in about 1.5 seconds. This calculation would indicate a staggering speed of approximately 256,266 kilometers per second (159,236 miles per hour). Although this speed falls short of the speed of light, it is extraordinarily swift.

However, it’s essential to note that this estimated speed might not represent Saitama’s true maximum velocity. Given that Saitama has never encountered a foe capable of genuinely challenging his limits, there remains speculation that he might be capable of moving even faster. Fans eagerly await future seasons of One-Punch Man in hopes of gaining further insights into Saitama’s genuine abilities and witnessing instances that truly test the extent of his speed and power.