How does Itachi Uchiha die and what episode of ‘Naruto Shippuden’ does he die in?


The circumstances surrounding Itachi Uchiha’s death in Naruto are layered with complexity, leading to various interpretations among fans. Some believe that Itachi allowed himself to be defeated by Sasuke, while others maintain that Sasuke truly killed him. Here’s a breakdown of both perspectives:

There’s a prevalent belief among fans that Itachi, in his convoluted and self-sacrificial manner, orchestrated his own defeat at Sasuke’s hands. Itachi’s love for his younger brother was profound, and he might have wanted to free Sasuke from the burden of vengeance and hatred by allowing him to be the one who “defeated” him.
It’s suggested that Itachi had been terminally ill, and his health was rapidly declining due to an unspecified illness. This illness might have been the reason for Itachi’s eventual death, regardless of the outcome of the battle with Sasuke. Some argue that Itachi’s deteriorating health made him physically weaker, contributing to his loss against Sasuke.

On the other hand, some fans maintain that Sasuke genuinely defeated Itachi in their battle. This perspective emphasizes Sasuke’s growth and development as a powerful shinobi, reaching a level where he could surpass even his highly skilled brother in combat.
Itachi’s terminal illness might have been a factor in his inability to continue fighting Sasuke at full strength, but this viewpoint asserts that Sasuke’s victory was legitimate and not merely orchestrated by Itachi.


The ambiguity surrounding Itachi’s intentions and the circumstances of his death leaves room for interpretation. The intricacies of Itachi’s character, his actions, and the emotional complexity of his relationship with Sasuke make it challenging to arrive at a definitive conclusion.

Ultimately, both perspectives hold merit, and the ambiguity intentionally woven into the narrative allows fans to interpret Itachi’s demise in ways that align with their understanding of his character and the overarching themes of sacrifice, love, and redemption within the Naruto series.