How Did Vanna White Meet Her Boyfriend John Donaldson?


Vanna White has faced her share of ups and downs in her romantic life. In 1986, she experienced a tragic loss when her fiancé, actor John Gibson, died in a plane crash. She opened up about the difficulty of grieving in the public eye on the “Tamron Hall Show.” White then married restaurateur George Santo Pietro in 1990, but suffered another heartbreak when she had a miscarriage in 1992. They went on to have two children together before divorcing in 2002.

Following a failed engagement with businessman Michael Kaye, White found love again with John Donaldson. The two met at a casual barbecue hosted by a mutual friend. Donaldson, who works in construction and isn’t in the entertainment industry, shared White’s easygoing approach to life. They hit it off and have been together since 2012.

White has described Donaldson as kind, understanding, and appreciative of her true self. She values their drama-free relationship and feels content with the way things are. While White and Donaldson haven’t tied the knot officially, they both consider themselves as good as married, having been together for eight years. Despite her substantial wealth, White isn’t concerned with a prenuptial agreement, believing in the strength of their love.


Their relationship has become a strong family unit, with Donaldson embraced by White’s children. They share holiday cards and photos, and the foursome enjoys vacations together. While their union may not be formalized on paper, White and Donaldson’s love for each other is evident in the way they cherish and support one another.