How did Nebula get her Christmas present for Rocket in ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special?’


The Marvel multiverse always holds potential for surprises, and while The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special might not be hiding entirely new revelations, it does offer unexpected twists and a particular moment that resonates with the interconnected Marvel universe of the past.

For fervent Marvel enthusiasts, the standout moment in the special arrives when Nebula presents Rocket with Bucky Barnes’ arm. This fleeting scene sparks numerous questions, particularly regarding how Nebula managed to acquire an item as distinctive as Bucky’s arm, known for its Wakandan origin and the intricate disarming process exclusively familiar to Wakandan warriors. The larger mystery persists: why did she gift it to Rocket?

However, before diving into theories, it’s crucial to dismiss the unlikely notion that Nebula stole the Winter Soldier’s arm from Bucky solely to present it to Rocket.


The surprising gift is actually a callback to a humorous scene from Avengers: Infinity War. In that film’s epic battle against Thanos’ army, Rocket is seen engaging enemies, and Bucky, wielding his bionic arm, assists Rocket by using him as a weapon to defeat the adversaries.

After the skirmish, Rocket approaches Bucky, jestingly inquiring about the price of Bucky’s gun. When Bucky sternly declines, Rocket mischievously asks if his arm is available for acquisition, receiving a stoic response from the Winter Soldier before he walks away. Despite this encounter, Rocket jokingly mutters about obtaining the arm.

While envisioning Rocket attempting to physically wrestle the arm from Bucky is plausible, it’s difficult to fathom anyone—let alone the formidable Nebula—successfully coaxing the former Hydra operative into relinquishing his bionic limb.

A more plausible scenario revolves around Rocket’s frequent admiration of Bucky’s Winter Soldier arm to his friends. Despite Nebula’s typically indifferent demeanor, she has grown to perceive the Guardians as her family, especially with the loss of the original Gamora and the alternate version pursuing her own path. Thus, despite her reluctance towards celebrating Christmas, Nebula chooses to fulfill Rocket’s desire by presenting him with a replica of Bucky’s arm. Acquiring the original was likely deemed an impossible feat, even by Nebula’s standards.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is available for streaming on Disney Plus, promising more entertaining escapades for fans of the Marvel universe.