How Clint Eastwood Persuaded Son Scott to Rethink ‘Suicide Squad’ Sequels


Scott Eastwood, the son of Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood, had a role as GQ Edwards in David Ayer’s “Suicide Squad” (2016), but he didn’t reprise the character in James Gunn’s sequel. This decision came after Eastwood revealed that he declined a three-picture deal for the subsequent movies in the franchise, despite surviving the events of the first film.

The reason for his refusal was twofold: the offered pay was unsatisfactory, and there wasn’t a concrete script for the subsequent movies, leaving Eastwood unsure about the commitment he would be making. Seeking guidance, he turned to his father, Clint Eastwood, for advice. Clint advised him to evaluate if the project felt genuinely necessary and if the role was substantial before making a decision. Since Scott couldn’t ascertain these aspects, he opted out of the multi-picture deal.

However, while Scott Eastwood might have had some reservations or conflicted feelings about his decision, especially considering the critical success of “The Suicide Squad” (2021), the sequel didn’t perform as expected at the box office. Despite receiving positive reviews for its comedic approach and becoming the most-streamed DCEU film on HBO Max, the movie struggled financially, particularly due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, earning just $167 million worldwide against a production budget of $185 million.


Given the uncertain circumstances surrounding the film’s box office returns amid the pandemic, Scott Eastwood’s decision not to commit to the subsequent movies in the franchise might not have appeared as detrimental at the time. Ultimately, the success or failure of a film at the box office can be influenced by various factors, and the outcome doesn’t necessarily validate or invalidate an actor’s decision regarding their involvement in a project.