How bettor won $489,000 on $5 NFL touchdown parlay bet


The acquisition of nearly $500,000 on Christmas Day was a culmination of factors that some might interpret as skill, while others might chalk it up to sheer luck, and a select few could even perceive it as a manifestation of a Christmas miracle.

The life-altering win occurred during the “Monday Night Football” clash between the 49ers and Ravens when a bettor secured a staggering sum by capitalizing on Christian McCaffrey’s breathtaking touchdown just before the first half concluded. This miraculous windfall was the culmination of a meticulously crafted betting slip—a mere $5 wager on a 14-leg touchdown parlay. The bettor had correctly predicted the touchdowns of 13 players in various NFL games, with McCaffrey’s performance becoming the crucial tipping point.

The drama surrounding this wager gained momentum before the game, thanks to DraftKings Sportsbook’s tweet teasing the possibility of a massive payout, stating, “A CMC TOUCHDOWN AWAY FROM $489K.” All eyes were on McCaffrey, and with 3:23 left in the second quarter, he delivered, sealing the monumental victory.


The journey to this substantial windfall was a nail-biting affair. The bettor had crafted a strategic selection of players from different teams participating in 14 out of the 16 NFL games held in Week 16. Saturday saw the first two players, Najee Harris and Gabriel Davis, scoring touchdowns. Subsequently, on Sunday, nine others successfully found the end zone, edging the bet closer to fruition.

The final showdown on Monday hung in the balance, contingent upon the performances of Isiah Pacheco, D’Andre Swift, and the pivotal player, Christian McCaffrey. Despite Kansas City’s struggles in their matchup against Las Vegas, Pacheco’s 12-yard touchdown run, featuring some well-executed trickery, bolstered the bettor’s hopes. Swift’s five-yard touchdown for the Eagles against the Giants further fueled the anticipation.

Ultimately, the grand finale came courtesy of McCaffrey’s nine-yard rush for the 49ers, solidifying the seemingly improbable 14-leg parlay and paving the way for the life-changing winnings approaching the $500,000 mark.

In a heartwarming touch, the fortunate winner experienced this exhilarating moment decked out in a Santa suit, surrounded by friends, encapsulating the true essence of the holiday spirit as he witnessed his fortunes unfold before him.