How and when did Luffy get his chest scar in ‘One Piece?’


Luffy, the charismatic protagonist of One Piece, stands out with several distinctive features across various mediums, including the anime, live-action adaptation, and manga. His iconic Straw Hat, unique red and blue clothing, and visible scars are among the traits that immediately capture attention.

As of the latest update, Luffy sports two prominent scars that are strikingly visible. The scar under his eye is a well-known mark from his childhood, a testament to his determination when he chose to self-inflict the injury to demonstrate his toughness. The other, more conspicuous scar forms an ‘X’ across his chest, leaving fans curious about its origin.

Luffy’s chest scar originates from a harrowing moment during the Marineford arc, a pivotal event in his life. When Luffy witnessed the tragic death of his beloved brother Ace, he was plunged into a state of shock, rendering him helpless and almost resigned to facing his own demise at the hands of the formidable Akainu.


During this critical juncture, Jinbe valiantly intervened to protect Luffy from Akainu’s wrath by attempting to shield him and whisk him away to safety. Despite Jinbe’s courageous efforts, the relentless Admiral pursued them, inflicting a life-threatening magma attack that pierced through Jinbe’s body, eventually reaching Luffy’s chest, leaving behind the defining ‘X’ scar.

While these intense events unfolded during the Marineford arc, the revelation about the chest scar and its origins comes to light after a two-year time skip. Although Luffy’s injury may seem minor compared to Jinbe’s severe wound, the burn was indeed life-threatening. The reason behind their survival lies in the swift actions and immediate surgery performed by Law, ensuring both Straw Hat pirates lived to fight another day.

The ‘X’ scar on Luffy’s chest serves as an enduring reminder of the cataclysmic events at Marineford. Despite the devastating loss of his brother, Luffy bears the scar as a constant reminder of the transformative day that forever altered his life’s trajectory. Remarkably, Luffy proudly displays this scar, embodying his resilience and determination without letting it hinder his indomitable spirit.