House Speaker voting to be conducted on Tuesday


The House is expected vote on Tuesday, possibly to elect a new Speaker, according to a new notice posted by Democratic whip.

On October 3, eight Republicans joined Democrats to oust Rep. Kevin McCarthy from the speakership, who is second in line for the presidency, with a 216-210 vote. This has been the first time in the history that a sitting speaker had been removed.

Rep. Patrick McHenry was immediately named speaker pro tempore, but the House has been left unable to conduct most business, including holding votes to condemn Hamas attack or supporting Israel after last week’s attack.


Since McCarthy’s removal, Majority Leader Steve Scalise and Rep. Jim Jordan joined the race to the next speaker. Scalise was nominated by the Republicans as he won vote 113-99 among Republicans, however, he withdrew his name from consideration after saying “there are still some people that have their own agendas.”

House Republicans on Friday then nominated Jordan, who is a far-right candidate and has received 124 votes. However, it is unclear if Jordan has enough support as Rep. Austin Scott launched a last minute protest and managed to secure 80 votes.

Any candidate needs a majority of the House to become speaker, which in this case is 217.