Hostage families protest outside Netanyahu’s home


The Hostages and Missing Families Forum of Israel have staged a demonstration outside the residence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Caesarea, demanding the return of their loved ones. The demonstration, according to the Forum, will continue throughout the Shabbat day on Saturday.

Most of the families on Friday night arrived with camping tents which were erected on the public road adjacent to the Prime Minister’s residence. The Forum announced that at the end of Shabbat, there will be a huge support rally for the abductees and their families in Tel Aviv’s Hostage Square.

It was an emotional occasion for most of the participants, who said: “For 105 days we begged you and now we demand: stop the executions of the hostages!” The Forum members called upon the Prime Minister to come out and face them. “Prove your leadership and lead a courageous move that will advance the outline that is known to be on the table, it’s not just about freeing hostages, it’s about saving lives.


“The days of grace in which you dragged your feet are over,” they added. The families hoped that Netanyahu will provide them with answers. Ofir Weinberg, a family member of a slain hostage, said: “Itai was executed! That’s what we said would happen and that’s what happened. Returning the hostages is the most important task right now. I call on all citizens of Israel to join me and the families of those kidnapped.”

The families of hostages also called upon for an international conference of Qatar, Egypt, Israel and the US to get their loved ones back.