Horizon Release date speculation: When to expect Horizon movie?


In order to make another epic movie, Kevin Costner has chosen to go back to the American wilderness. This time, in addition to acting, directing, and producing the film, he also collaborated on the script with Jon Baird. not one to take any action lightly.

There is an ensemble cast as long as your arm in the new film, which is set during the American Civil War. Costner is well-versed in the finest Westerns, and this looks like it will be his most ambitious project to date. He made his way back to the big screen to demonstrate how it’s done after conquering a TV series with Yellowstone.

But what can we anticipate from the Yellowstone cast’s patriarch? What information is available to curious viewers? Don your finest cowboy hat because we have the inside scoop on the Horizon release date right here.



Horizon Release Date Speculation

There is currently no release date for Horizon, however, it probably won’t happen until 2024.

The 2023 Writers Strike will almost probably hinder production in some way, and no release date has been specified. Early 2024 would be a better probability than later in 2023, which may be possible.


Horizon Plot Speculation

The only aspect of the Horizon story that we are currently aware of is that it will take place 15 years before the American Civil War. The narrative will focus on how the Indigenous population was dispersed and mistreated throughout the American West’s growth.

Beyond that, no other details have been provided. We can definitely anticipate that Costner will play a part like to Dances With Wolves in which he fights against tyrannical powers as the hero.