Honkai: Star Rail Welcomes 2.0 Characters Misha and Sparkle to the Roster


In Honkai: Star Rail, the recent introduction of Trailblazers Misha and Sparkle, specializing in Ice and Quantum elements respectively, has created excitement among players. Leaks about the upcoming version 2.0 have revealed further details about these characters and the new content.

Reports indicate that version 2.0 will feature the Penacony world, introducing characters like Acheron and Black Swan alongside Misha and Sparkle. A drip marketing campaign has hinted at Black Swan, a highly anticipated five-star Nihility unit arriving in the next year’s second phase. It’s speculated that Misha might be featured on Black Swan’s banner following the update focused on Sparkle.

Moreover, version 1.6 of Honkai: Star Rail has confirmed Misha and Sparkle’s availability on the current banner. Misha, with a four-star rarity, is associated with the Destruction path, while the five-star Sparkle follows the Harmony path. Revealed through in-game models, these characters exhibit unique outfits, with Misha wearing a multicolored dress and Sparkle sporting a red, flurry dress corresponding to her Fire element.


The exact release dates for Misha and Sparkle have yet to be officially confirmed, although leaks suggest their availability in the February 2023 update, version 2.0. This update is expected to introduce the Penacony world, resembling old French cities, expanding the game’s storyline and offering new opportunities for exploration and treasure hunting. This addition not only enhances the game’s narrative but also provides players with new locations to gather valuable materials.

As the anticipation for version 2.0 grows, Honkai: Star Rail continues to entice players with its forthcoming characters, events, and exploratory opportunities, promising an enriching gaming experience in the expansive Penacony world.