Honkai: Star Rail Unveils Version 1.5 Special Program!


Honkai: Star Rail enthusiasts can mark their calendars for the highly anticipated Version 1.5 Special Program, set to air on Friday, November 3. In the first half-year of this immersive HoYoverse RPG’s existence, players have been treated to a wealth of new content, from fresh characters to expansive areas to explore, and diverse gameplay experiences. The recent Version 1.4 update introduced the widely acclaimed “Aetherium Wars” event and unveiled two new five-star characters, Jingliu and Topaz. Now, fans are eagerly awaiting insights into the game’s next patch.

Leading up to the broadcast, HoYoverse has already begun revealing elements of the Version 1.5 update for Honkai: Star Rail. Ahead of this release, the developer has disclosed that two new five-star characters, Huohuo and Argenti, will be joining the game’s roster, along with a new four-star character, Hanya from the Ten-Lords Commission’s Xianzhou Luofu. With these exciting additions, Honkai: Star Rail is building up anticipation for the Version 1.5 update reveal later this week.

A recent announcement from Honkai: Star Rail’s official Twitter account has unveiled the date and time for the Version 1.5 Special Program. The broadcast, titled “The Crepuscule Zone,” is scheduled to air on November 3 at 19:30 (UTC+8). This program promises to unveil a wealth of new information about the game, spanning from character details to a lineup of eagerly anticipated events. Additionally, Honkai: Star Rail codes will be distributed during the broadcast, allowing players to claim up to 300 Stellar Jades.


While HoYoverse has not yet officially disclosed all the new additions in Version 1.5, rumors and leaks have offered a sneak peek into the upcoming content. The next patch is expected to introduce three main events: “A Foxian Tale of the Haunted,” “Boulder Town Knack Exhibition Tournament,” and “Stellar Shadowseeker.” Moreover, a new World is slated to be added within Honkai: Star Rail’s Simulated Universe game mode, along with a pair of Planar Ornaments for players to acquire. Version 1.5 of Honkai: Star Rail is anticipated to launch on November 15.

The announced broadcast date for Honkai: Star Rail’s Version 1.5 Special Program promises an eventful day for HoYoverse enthusiasts. Notably, Genshin Impact is also rumored to hold its Version 4.2 Special Program on the same day, slated to air on November 3 at 20:00 (UTC+8). This livestream, initially delayed by HoYoverse, is believed to be linked to a significant event in China. The upcoming Special Program for Honkai: Star Rail is sure to deliver exciting news for devotees of this popular sci-fi RPG.