Honkai: Star Rail Leak Unveils Details About Sparkle, Misha, and Black Swan Kits


A recent leak for Honkai: Star Rail has unveiled exciting details about three upcoming characters—Sparkle, Misha, and Black Swan—who are set to debut in the game’s Version 2.0, scheduled for release next year. This significant update will herald the commencement of a fresh storyline unfolding within the captivating Penacony world. As part of the upcoming Trailblaze missions, players will encounter a range of new units, including Sparkle and Misha, featuring their own limited-time event warps. Upon the Version 2.0 release in February 2024, a lineup of five-star rerun characters will join the event banner, accompanied by a pair of Light Cones.

Honkai: Star Rail currently operates under Version 1.6, offering an expanded array of playable content, such as events and Trailblaze missions. The initial phase of the update introduced a warp event highlighting Ruan Mei and reintroduced three characters: Xueyi, March 7th, and Tingyun. Version 1.6 also includes newly added Light Cones in the time-limited weapon banner, available until mid-January.

Leaked details from Hakush regarding the forthcoming characters Misha, Sparkle, and Black Swan provide insights into their respective skill sets. Sparkle specializes in Quantum damage against enemies and augments the CRIT damage for her allies over several turns. Her supportive abilities encompass an ultimate move that replenishes four skill points for the entire team. On the other hand, Misha appears to be a DPS-centric character, dealing AoE Ice damage through her ultimate ability. She possesses the capability to regenerate energy, strike multiple adversaries, and create a dimension that halts all actions within it.


Each character—Misha, Sparkle, and Black Swan—brings a distinctive set of talents, ultimates, skills, and techniques:

– Talent: Grappling Mechanism
– Ultimate: I… I’m Late!
– Skill: Room… Room Service!
– Technique: Wait! You Are So Beautiful!

– Talent: Red Herring
– Ultimate: The Hero with a Thousand Faces
– Skill: Dreamdiver
– Technique: Unreliable Narrator

Black Swan
– Talent: Loom of Fate’s Caprice
– Ultimate: Bliss of Otherworld’s Embrace
– Skill: Decadence, False Twilight
– Technique: From Façade to Vêritê

Black Swan, a Wind DPS unit in Honkai: Star Rail, possesses the ability to afflict enemies with the Sacrament effect. Her potent ultimate inflicts AoE damage on all enemies engaged in combat. The leaked information suggests that her basic attacks amplify damage against foes with debuffs like Bleeding and Burning. Similar to Sparkle, Black Swan will also boast a five-star rarity classification as a Harmony-type character.

Furthermore, alongside the warp events, Honkai: Star Rail’s Version 2.0 will unveil Penacony, an innovative metropolis heavily influenced by Art Deco design. This futuristic city showcases floating vehicles and intricate structures, exuding a luxurious and sophisticated aura. Leaks regarding Penacony hint at locations inspired by old French cities, underground tunnels brimming with treasure chests, and expansive areas where Trailblazers can interact with intriguing NPCs.