Hollyoaks: Who killed Rayne Royce?


In the latest gripping development on Hollyoaks, the mysterious demise of scheming influencer Rayne Royce has set off a high-stakes whodunnit mystery. Her lifeless body was discovered in the swimming pool during a luxurious villa party, leaving a trail of questions in its wake.

Rayne’s true nature, characterized by manipulation and deceit, was laid bare for all to see at the party, where she had orchestrated an event to impress the producers of the reality series Love Cave. With a growing list of suspects, let’s delve into the potential culprits.


Romeo Nightingale

Romeo’s involvement with Rayne, fraught with controlling and abusive dynamics, casts a shadow of suspicion on him. His initial reaction upon finding Rayne’s body raises questions, but could it be a diversion? Cast members lean towards him as a prime suspect.


Lacey Lloyd

Lacey, once Rayne’s staunchest supporter, underwent a transformation upon discovering the true extent of her best friend’s deceit. Frustration and betrayal simmered beneath the surface. Could Lacey’s calm exterior be masking a darker truth?


Prince McQueen

Rayne’s false accusation of assault against Prince earlier complicates the narrative. His concern for his friend Romeo and the rift caused by Rayne’s influence places him in the spotlight. Conflicted by the lies, Prince’s innocence might have been overshadowed.


Peri Lomax

Peri played a pivotal role in Rayne’s unravelling before her demise. Her motivations are clear, driven by a desire to expose Rayne’s deceit. With animosity brewing, did Peri’s actions escalate to something more sinister?


Zoe Anderson

While Detective Zoe may not immediately appear inclined towards violence, the unpredictable nature of Hollyoaks leaves room for surprises. Her loyalty to her boyfriend Hunter, who suffered due to Rayne, could be a driving force.


Hunter McQueen

Hunter’s traumatic history with Rayne and the accusations levelled against him could have fanned the flames of resentment. Could the weight of past transgressions have pushed Hunter to a breaking point?


Lizzie Chen-Williams

Lizzie, like others, fell victim to Rayne’s malicious streak. Rayne’s actions directly impacted Lizzie’s family, leading to rifts and anger. Could Lizzie’s pent-up frustration have culminated in a desperate act?


Nadira Valli

Nadira, manipulated by Rayne, faced professional and personal consequences. The threat of losing her job and criminal charges loomed large. Nadira’s composed demeanour might conceal deeper motives.


Phoenix Hathaway

Phoenix, embodying authenticity in contrast to Rayne’s facade, represents a stark contrast. Was Phoenix merely a pawn in Rayne’s games, or did he harbour deeper motives driven by their fundamental differences?


Faye Fuller

Faye’s enigmatic presence since her introduction raises suspicions. As a shrewd social media manager, her interests align with positive publicity. Could Faye’s loyalty to clients override moral boundaries?



Brent’s reappearance shattered Rayne’s carefully constructed facade. His captivity of Peri under Rayne’s orders suggests a complex web of manipulation. Is Brent’s arrest a resolution, or is the truth more elusive?

The mystery deepens, with each suspect carrying their own motives and secrets. As Hollyoaks continues to unfold its enthralling narrative, the truth behind Rayne’s demise remains veiled, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. Hollyoaks streams first on Channel 4’s online platform, followed by broadcasts on E4 and YouTube premieres in the subsequent weeks.