Here’s Why Summer House’s Carl Radke And Lindsay Hubbard Really Split!


The breakup between “Summer House” stars Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard stirred up quite the drama and speculation among fans and their fellow cast members.

The couple was set to marry in a November destination wedding but ended their engagement a few months prior. Lindsay Hubbard expressed feeling blindsided by Carl Radke’s decision to end their relationship. She claimed that Radke orchestrated the breakup scene for filming, calling the experience “absolutely humiliating.” Hubbard also hinted that Kyle Cooke, their co-star, may have influenced Radke’s decision due to Cooke’s alleged negative perceptions of her.

Kyle Cooke, a close friend of Radke, shared that Radke and Hubbard struggled with communication, often relying on couples therapy to address their relationship issues. Cooke indicated that the constant reliance on therapy might have been a factor that Radke didn’t want to continue long-term.


Captain Lee Rosbach, a friend and mentor to Radke, suggested that Cooke might have contributed to the breakup. He referenced a situation where Cooke allegedly insulted Hubbard in front of Radke, creating tension. Hubbard disputed Cooke’s claims about their constant therapy sessions, stating they only began therapy after a year of dating due to Radke’s personal struggles.

Hubbard and Radke had an awkward reunion at BravoCon 2023. Hubbard mentioned feeling nervous and described the encounter as emotional, indicating that they only communicate when necessary.

The situation remains complex, with different perspectives and varying opinions among those involved. The breakup and subsequent aftermath have sparked discussions and differing accounts of the reasons behind the split, leaving fans intrigued and speculating about the dynamics between the former couple and their co-stars.