Here’s who Hallmark star Rachel Boston is married to in real life


Rachel Boston, a beloved figure in the Hallmark movie universe, has her own real-life love story that rivals the sweet romances she portrays on screen. According to former “Home & Family” co-host Cameron Mathison, the story of how Boston met her husband, Tolya Ashe, could be the plot of a Hallmark movie itself.


Who is Rachel Boston is married to?

In 2020, Boston recounted her romantic journey on “Home & Family.” She revealed that they were introduced by one of Ashe’s sisters and started as friends. Their story mirrors a classic Hallmark movie where longtime acquaintances eventually realize they’re meant to be together. Boston was in New Mexico filming a TV series when they first met, and their busy lives on separate coasts meant they didn’t spend much time together initially. “Then 10 years later we reconnected and that was just amazing,” Boston shared. The timing of their reunion felt serendipitous to her, reinforcing the idea that people come into your life when the time is right.


Tolya Ashe, a private chef, adds his own touch of Hallmark magic to their story. Boston has praised his culinary skills, which transform ordinary dishes into extraordinary meals. Ashe’s talents have even been showcased on Hallmark’s “Home & Family,” where he demonstrated how to make caramelized fennel with chiles and apples. Boston and Ashe enjoy creating these idyllic scenes in their real life, from picking apples together to cooking over FaceTime when Boston was filming “A Christmas Carousel.” Boston credits Ashe with significantly improving her own cooking skills, making her a competent sous chef.

Boston values Ashe’s joyful and kind nature above his cooking prowess. “What made me fall in love with him is that he’s incredibly joyful and kind,” she told Nuts for Fashion. “He listens, he cares, and he just makes life better.”

The Ashe family boasts other notable connections. Tolya’s sister, Alexi Ashe, is married to late-night host Seth Meyers, and another sister, Ariel Ashe, was a set designer for “Saturday Night Live” and is now part of the design team Ashe Leandro. In 2013, Tolya, Alexi, Meyers, and food editor Elettra Wiedemann participated in a grilled cheese cook-off for Vogue, where Tolya’s coaching showed his relaxed approach to cooking.

The Ashe family celebrated the arrival of a new member when Rachel and Tolya welcomed their daughter, Grace, in 2022. Boston has noted Ashe’s ability to charm children, adding yet another reason she feels lucky to have him as a partner. “He has a very kind heart,” she said, and he likely has the skills to make excellent baby food as well.