Here’s What’s Up With Kim Zolciak Stands And Tracey Bloom!


Kim Zolciak and Tracey Bloom’s friendship remains strong even after the cancellation of the reality show “Don’t Be Tardy.” Their bond initially formed over Bloom’s role as the family chef, but it evolved into a deep and lasting connection.

Kim Zolciak has expressed her fondness for Tracey Bloom’s cooking and admitted that when she thinks of her friend, she often craves her delicious food. Despite no longer working together, their friendship has continued beyond the professional sphere.

Zolciak has been a supportive friend to Bloom, particularly in her journey into motherhood. When Bloom adopted her son Kannon, Zolciak showered them with love and support. She enthusiastically shared the news with her followers and has continued to dote on Kannon, celebrating his birthdays and praising Bloom’s skills as a mother.


Bloom has also expressed her deep affection for Kim Zolciak and her family. She referred to herself as the “adopted ninth member” of the Zolciak-Biermann family, highlighting the closeness they share. Bloom’s adoption of Kannon further strengthened their bond, and Zolciak has been an encouraging and loving presence in both their lives.

Their friendship extends beyond social media posts and public appearances, demonstrating a genuine connection between the two. Despite the end of their reality show, Kim Zolciak and Tracey Bloom’s enduring friendship showcases the meaningful relationships that can be formed, even in the world of reality television.