Here’s What We Know About Hugh Jackman And Deborra-Lee Furness’ Two All-Grown-Up Kids!


Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness surprised the public with the announcement of their separation in September 2023, after nearly thirty years of marriage. Their love story began on the set of the Australian TV series “Corelli” in 1995, leading to a marriage in 1996. In a joint statement to People, they shared their gratitude for the almost three decades they spent together, emphasizing their decision to separate for personal growth. They affirmed their commitment to co-parenting and expressed a desire to move forward as friends, asking for understanding and privacy during this transitional period.

The couple, who had faced challenges in conceiving, adopted two children, son Oscar Maximilian and daughter Ava Eliot. Hugh Jackman once revealed that adoption had always been part of their plan, as biological means did not work for them. He expressed that they consider their children as their own, believing strongly in destiny and that things unfolded as they were meant to.

Their son, Oscar Maximilian Jackman, adopted shortly after birth in 2000, has now reached the age of 24. He completed high school at the esteemed New York Ross School in 2019 and has since begun his university journey. Jackman and Furness are immensely proud of Oscar, noting his growth into a resilient young man who has faced and overcome challenges. Despite his unique upbringing, Oscar is described as kind, popular with friends, and well-adjusted, embodying the hopes his parents had for him.


Ava Eliot Jackman, adopted in July 2005, is now 18 years old. Jackman shared that she is independent and lively, much like her adoptive mother. Ava is enthusiastic about school and eagerly shares her experiences with her family. She also shares her parents’ love for singing and dancing, having taken dance classes in her early teenage years. Currently in her senior year of high school, Ava has already begun navigating the transition into adulthood. Jackman, though struggling with the realization that his daughter is growing up, has established some ground rules for her dating life, emphasizing the importance of trust and responsibility.