Here’s What Led Sexyy Red Into Rapping!


Sexyy Red has emerged as one of the leading female rappers in the current music scene, gaining fame with her mixtape “Hood Hottest Princess,” featuring tracks like “Pound Town” and “SkeeYee.” Her lyrics, known for their eyebrow-raising content, took even her by surprise. She expressed in an interview with The Face that she hadn’t realized she was saying anything particularly provocative. Her breakout hit, “Pound Town,” garnered unexpected attention for its raw and real portrayal of experiences.

Embracing her self-proclaimed status as an “it girl,” Sexyy Red exudes confidence and a sense of self-worth. She believes in charting her own path and living by her own rules, regardless of others’ opinions. This bold approach to her career sets her apart. Despite entering the music scene later than some of her peers, her talent became evident in 2018 when she spontaneously created a rap dissing her then-boyfriend, revealing a hidden gift.

Her journey in music took an unexpected turn when a relationship betrayal inspired her to create a diss track. In response to her cheating boyfriend, Sexyy Red penned a song targeting both him and the other party involved. Surprisingly, he was impressed and even shared her work with his friends. This encouragement prompted Sexyy Red to record more songs, leading to growing interest in her music.


Rolling Stone disclosed that the ex-boyfriend who sparked her artistic journey is also the father of her son, Chuckie, and is currently incarcerated. The topic understandably holds emotional weight for the rapper. While she didn’t delve into the specifics of his imprisonment, she emphasized her enduring connection with him and expressed a desire for his release, describing him as her high school sweetheart and an essential presence in her life.

Even incarceration hasn’t severed the bond between Sexyy Red and her baby daddy. During an interview on “A Safe Place Podcast,” she revealed her intentions to bail out two separate men facing serious charges, including gun and drug-related offenses. Halfway through the podcast, she received a call from her incarcerated ex-boyfriend, highlighting their enduring connection.

In recent developments, Sexyy Red announced her pregnancy in October, alongside SZA, sparking curiosity about the father. While her romantic ties with Drake once made headlines, the identity of her second child’s father remains undisclosed. In late September, she posted a photo with a man wearing an ankle bracelet, suggesting a connection to the world of street life. Her lyrics and personal life continue to be sources of intrigue for her growing fan base.