Here’s What Jessica Simpson Looks Like Without Makeup!


Jessica Simpson, recognized for her glamorous appearance, has captivated attention not just for her dolled-up looks but also for her stunning makeup-free moments. While she often graces major events and magazine covers with impeccably applied cosmetics, Jessica Simpson isn’t hesitant to reveal her natural self, setting aside the eyeliner and lipstick for simple yet striking selfies.

Over the years, there’s been keen observation of Simpson’s evolving facial appearance. In a 2006 Glamour interview, she addressed speculations about collagen injections for fuller lips, admitting to using Restylane, though expressing her discontent with the results, noting that the effect faded away after a few months, much to her relief. Simpson candidly shared her dislike for the “fake” appearance it gave her, revealing her preference for her natural look.

Acknowledging her experimentation with her appearance, Simpson has openly discussed the challenges she’s faced, emphasizing how these experiences have shaped her perception of beauty and aided in nurturing her self-love.


Despite often being seen with a glam look, Jessica Simpson is no stranger to proudly displaying her makeup-free face. On numerous occasions, she has shared radiant, fresh-faced pictures on her Instagram, showcasing her flawless skin and natural beauty. Her social media is sprinkled with snapshots highlighting her au naturel glow, demonstrating her comfort in embracing her bare face.

Simpson’s radiant complexion isn’t just a result of happenstance. She attributes her dewy appearance to a skincare regimen that includes the use of eye cream, peptide serum, and a hydrator to maintain the health and radiance of her skin. She has openly endorsed specific products on her blog, emphasizing their effectiveness in achieving a more youthful and rejuvenated look.

Notably, instead of opting for procedures like botox, Jessica Simpson has shown a preference for red light therapy as a means to tighten her skin, as reported by InStyle.

Beneath her confident display of going makeup-free lies Jessica Simpson’s journey with skin struggles, notably her lifelong battle with eczema. Reflecting on her insecurities stemming from this condition, she revealed feeling self-conscious about the bumps on her skin, even during her cheerleading days. The birth of her daughter exacerbated her eczema, but she found relief through prescribed ointments.

Embracing her natural beauty has become a focal point for Simpson, especially after her candid discussions about her struggles with eczema. Encouraging openness and honesty about flaws, she advocates for embracing one’s imperfections, be it skin conditions or emotional challenges, fostering empowerment through vulnerability.

In a significant shift from glitz and glam, Jessica Simpson graced the cover of Glamour’s “The Honesty Issue” in 2020, opting for a bare-faced, stripped-down close-up. The feature aligned with the release of her memoir “Open Book,” showcasing a different side of Simpson, emphasizing authenticity and honesty over the conventional glamour she’s known for.