Here’s What Hillary Clinton Looks Like Without Makeup


Hillary Clinton’s appearances without makeup have been notable moments, especially considering the public scrutiny she’s faced regarding her appearance throughout her political career. Despite the intense conversations about her style choices, Clinton has had instances where she confidently embraced a makeup-free look.

One instance occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 when she shared a makeup-free photo on Instagram, wearing a “VOTE” face mask, encouraging people to wear masks and participate in voting. Her caption highlighted her makeup-free appearance and her dedication to civic engagement.

In subsequent years, Clinton continued to showcase her natural look, notably promoting episodes of her podcast. She appeared relaxed and confident without makeup, displaying a powerful sense of self-assurance.


Another significant moment was her appearance post-election in 2016, where she opted for a more subtle look during a speech. The move to go without makeup received positive support from many, with people appreciating her choice amid such a prominent platform.

Clinton also addressed the significant amount of time she spent getting her hair and makeup done throughout her public life in her memoir “What Happened.” She expressed astonishment at the 600 hours or roughly 25 days spent on hair and makeup during her campaign, emphasizing the considerable effort required for women in the public eye.

Despite the challenges and scrutiny surrounding her appearance, Hillary Clinton’s moments without makeup have highlighted her confidence and comfort in her own skin, signaling her willingness to embrace a more natural look and challenge societal expectations regarding women in public life.