Here’s how iOS 18 could change the way you use your iPhone


Apple is set to unveil a long-awaited overhaul of Siri at the upcoming WWDC 2024, aiming to elevate the digital assistant’s functionality with significant AI advancements. According to Bloomberg, these enhancements will integrate Siri more deeply with on-device functions and installed apps, marking a major shift in its capabilities.


Enhanced Integration and Capabilities

The revamped Siri will now be able to control features within apps using voice commands, thanks to an upgraded AI architecture that leverages large language models similar to those used by ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini. This improvement aims to bridge the gap between Siri and Google Assistant, which has long been ahead in terms of app control on Android devices.

Key features include:

  • In-App Commands: Users will be able to perform complex tasks like opening documents, moving notes, emailing web links, and accessing specific outlets in the Apple News app with simple voice prompts.
  • Single and Multistep Commands: Initially, Siri will handle single natural language commands, but future updates will enable it to process chained multistep commands, enhancing its usability significantly. For example, users might say, “Edit this picture and send it to John,” and Siri will handle the entire sequence.
  • Article Summarization: Siri will summarize articles and documents upon request, similar to features promised by Microsoft’s Copilot and Gemini.


Gradual Rollout and Developer Integration

The new features will be rolled out gradually. Initially, Siri’s enhanced capabilities will be limited to Apple’s native apps, but the company plans to enable third-party developers to integrate these capabilities into their apps eventually.


On-Device AI Processing

Apple is also pushing most of the AI processing to the iPhone’s hardware, minimizing reliance on cloud processing. This approach is similar to Google’s strategy with the Tensor silicon in the Pixel 8 series, which runs AI tasks like summarization, transcription, and smart replies natively.


Advanced Notifications and AI Enhancements in iOS 18

In addition to the Siri overhaul, Apple plans to introduce AI-driven improvements in iOS 18, including:

  • Summarized Notifications: Using AI, the system will offer summarized recaps of various notifications, encompassing app alerts, messages, call notifications, documents, news alerts, articles, and webpages.

These updates underscore Apple’s commitment to integrating advanced AI functionalities into its ecosystem, enhancing user experience and keeping pace with advancements seen in competing platforms like Google and Microsoft. The full scope of these innovations will be revealed at WWDC 2024.