Here’s A Look At Tim Ballard’s Shady Side!


Tim Ballard’s story is marked by a blend of noble intentions, controversial actions, and varying perspectives on the effectiveness and ethics of his organizations. It’s important to approach this narrative with a balanced view, considering both the positive impact and the criticisms associated with his efforts.

Tim Ballard’s story is a complex one, involving both commendable efforts to combat child trafficking and controversies surrounding his organizations, methods, and associations. Here are some key points:

Operation Underground Railroad (OUR)


Tim Ballard founded OUR with the mission of rescuing child trafficking victims. While the organization gained recognition for its rescue missions, there have been allegations of unethical practices, questionable associations, and inconsistencies in some of OUR’s stories.


Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

Tim Ballard faced allegations of sexual misconduct, including offensive advances towards women during rescue operations in foreign countries. These allegations led to his departure from OUR and an internal probe.


Investigation into OUR Operation

Underground Railroad faced an investigation into its financial practices. There were complaints raised about the organization’s acquisition and use of donor funding, which allegedly misled donors about the allocation of funds.


Row with the LDS Church

Ballard alleged that President Melvin Russell Ballard of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints played a covert role in OUR’s operations. The LDS Church responded, stating that Tim Ballard had betrayed their friendship and used President Ballard’s name for personal advantage.


Discrepancies in the Dog Tag Story

The touching story of a dog tag necklace presented in “Sound of Freedom” faced scrutiny due to inconsistencies. Court records suggested that some details of the story may not align with official records.


False Claim of American Airlines Partnership

OUR made a false claim of a partnership with American Airlines to spread awareness. However, American Airlines denied any such collaboration, leading to questions about the accuracy of OUR’s statements.


The Nazarene Fund Controversy

Tim Ballard’s association with The Nazarene Fund, a Glenn Beck-supported organization, came under scrutiny for allegedly embellishing its role in certain rescue missions. There were also questions about financial accountability.


Advocacy for the Trump Wall

Ballard supported the construction of the Trump wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, believing it would aid in combating child trafficking. He argued that limiting entry points would deter traffickers.