Have Steven Spielberg and Brad Pitt ever worked together?


Brad Pitt and Steven Spielberg, two of the most renowned names in Hollywood, not only share monumental fame but also a birthday on December 18. Pitt, aged 60 as of 2023, stands 17 years junior to Spielberg, who turns 77. Both continue to maintain incredibly busy schedules in the entertainment industry, although Pitt’s private life garners more attention than his recent acting ventures. This shared birthday raises an intriguing query: Have Spielberg and Pitt ever collaborated professionally?

Despite their shared industry acclaim, Spielberg and Pitt have surprisingly never worked together. Pitt boasts an impressive repertoire from “Fight Club” to “Se7en” to “Ocean’s Eleven,” while Spielberg, with his extensive filmography comprising 34 feature films, has collaborated with a gamut of Hollywood’s legendary leading men, including Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, and Tom Cruise. However, Pitt’s name is conspicuously absent from Spielberg’s list of collaborators.

In a couple of instances, their paths nearly crossed. Spielberg was initially tied to direct “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” eventually directed by David Fincher. Interestingly, Spielberg favored his old friend Cruise for the role that ultimately went to Pitt, orchestrated by Pitt’s frequent collaborator, Fincher.


Moreover, during the late 1990s, rumors surfaced that Spielberg and Pitt were teaming up for a movie revolving around God descending to Earth, featuring Elisabeth Shue as Pitt’s love interest and Tom Hanks as a likely adversary, perhaps portraying the devil. However, it turned out to be a playful hoax, although it sparked curiosity about a potential collaboration between the two.

Despite their lack of professional collaboration, Spielberg and Pitt share a cordial relationship. They were seen together at a Lakers game in 2002, accompanied by their respective partners, and later captured at a PGA nominees breakfast in 2012.

While Hollywood still has ample opportunities to rectify this surprising oversight and potentially bring these two titans together in a creative project, their shared birthday ensures they remain intertwined as “birthday brothers” in the entertainment industry’s collective memory, even if their professional paths have yet to converge.