Has YG Entertainment retained BLACKPINK?


Recent modifications made to YG Entertainment’s official artist profiles on their website have stirred up speculation and discussion within the fan community. These alterations have hinted at the potential continuation of BLACKPINK’s association with the agency. Despite ongoing talks regarding the renewal of exclusive contracts, particularly with BLACKPINK, the members’ profiles on the website have remained unchanged, leading to widespread speculation about their future with YG Entertainment.

Observing the current YG website, there’s a visible interest in the unchanged status of BLACKPINK’s profiles, generating curiosity and anticipation among fans. The uncertainty surrounding the renewal of contracts, especially for a group as financially significant as BLACKPINK for YG Entertainment, has impacted the agency’s stock prices. Speculation within the fan community varies widely, from scenarios involving individual members establishing their own agencies while keeping the group intact to other potential outcomes. However, with no official confirmation, fans eagerly await updates regarding the future of BLACKPINK within YG Entertainment.

Additionally, these website modifications have also hinted at significant changes for other artists within YG Entertainment. Members such as G-Dragon and Taeyang from BIGBANG, whose contracts expired in June and December, respectively, seem to be parting ways with the company. Notably, G-Dragon’s immense influence and status in BIGBANG and the K-pop industry make his departure a significant development.


Furthermore, Taeyang’s recent move to sign an exclusive contract with The Black Label, a subsidiary label under YG Entertainment, indicates a shift in affiliations and career paths. The absence of their profiles in the introduction section on the website signifies these changes in their affiliations within the entertainment landscape.

Another artist affected by these updates is Jinu from WINNER, whose official profile is missing from both the artist and actor categories on the YG Entertainment website. This absence has sparked questions and speculations about Jinu’s future endeavors and affiliations in the ever-evolving K-pop industry.

As these profile updates continue to fuel discussions and speculations within the K-pop community, they reflect the shifting dynamics and changes in affiliations and contracts within YG Entertainment. Fans eagerly anticipate official announcements or further disclosures that might offer more clarity on the future trajectories of BLACKPINK, G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Jinu within and outside of YG Entertainment.