Has Vin Diesel ever been accused of sexual battery in the past?


Before the allegations made by Asta Jonasson in December 2023, Vin Diesel had no criminal record or public accusations of sexual assault, battery, or harassment. The allegations stem from an incident in 2010, when Jonasson, Diesel’s former assistant, accused Diesel of sexual assault, which she claimed to have escaped from. She also alleged that she was terminated from her job after the purported assault. Diesel’s company, One Race Productions, and Diesel’s sister, Samantha Vincent, who reportedly fired Jonasson following the incident, were also named in the civil suit.

The civil suit filed by Jonasson includes allegations of sexual battery, creating a hostile work environment, negligent supervision, and wrongful termination. It also mentioned that Jonasson was propositioned by another supervisor at One Race Productions during her employment.

Through his attorney, Diesel vehemently denied all allegations made by Jonasson. Jonasson is seeking a $10,000 civil penalty for each claim stated in the suit, along with unspecified punitive damages.


Notably, Jonasson’s suit was filed within California’s one-year window, a provision allowing sexual assault cases to be tried after the expiration of the statute of limitations. This window is part of California’s Sexual Abuse and Cover-Up Accountability Act passed in 2022. It’s important to highlight that for a case like Jonasson’s to be considered under this law, there must be evidence of an attempt to suppress or cover up similar allegations in the past.

In response to Jonasson’s claims, Vin Diesel’s attorney, Bryan Freedman, refuted the allegations, stating that Diesel had never been informed of these accusations in over 13 years. Freedman emphasized that there is compelling evidence that completely contradicts the claims made by Jonasson.

Jonasson’s attorney responded by highlighting the importance of seeking justice regardless of an individual’s fame or power, expressing hope that Jonasson’s decision to come forward would bring about positive change and empower other survivors.

As of the time of these allegations, there hadn’t been any previous instances or public accusations linking Vin Diesel to such allegations. Diesel maintains his denial of the claims made against him by Jonasson.