Has the ‘Bleach’ anime and manga been completed?


Since its inception in the early 2000s, Bleach has been a prominent name in the anime world, often mentioned alongside One Piece and Naruto as part of the iconic trio of long-running shonen series from that era. However, Bleach faced challenges that led to its cancellation in 2012 after around 350 episodes. Several factors contributed to this, including catching up with the manga and the need for less engaging filler content, coupled with declining viewership.

Following this, what has transpired with Bleach?

The manga has concluded, while the anime has made a comeback. Tite Kubo wrapped up his manga with the release of Volume 74 in November 2016. Regrettably, the ending received mixed reviews from fans. It’s worth noting that Kubo worked on the conclusion while not in optimal health. A Reddit user empathized with Kubo’s decision not to take an extended break due to the demanding nature of Japanese work culture, stating, “Kubo admitted that he felt like a failure every time he took a break. And he took more breaks in the final arc than the entire rest of the series.” It’s crucial to remember the immense pressure manga authors endure, even as they craft the worlds we adore.


As for the Bleach anime, it made a welcome return in late 2022, adapting the manga’s action-packed final arc, the Thousand-Year Blood War. This arc depicts the Soul Reapers and the Quincy factions locked in a fierce conflict. As of now, the Thousand-Year Blood War arc is in its second part, with episodes releasing weekly on Saturdays. The upcoming episode 24 is scheduled for release on September 23. The final arc is anticipated to span 52 episodes, covering a little over 200 manga chapters.