Has Taylor Swift cursed the Chiefs?


The relationship between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift has been a captivating crossover between pop culture and the sports world, captivating attention throughout the NFL season. Despite not being related to Aaron Rodgers’ situation or officiating controversies, their budding romance has become a significant talking point.

The Kelce-Swift relationship has drawn widespread approval and fascination, marking their dedication by attending games together, including enduring the harsh winter conditions in Green Bay and Foxborough. Kelce even traveled to Argentina to attend one of Swift’s concerts along with Swift’s father, showcasing their commitment to each other.

Initially celebrated by Chiefs fans, questions emerged amidst Kansas City’s recent struggles, prompting some to ponder whether Swift, once considered a good luck charm, has unwittingly brought about misfortune or karma to the team.


However, attributing the Chiefs’ setbacks to Swift’s presence might be a stretch. Since Swift’s initial appearance at a Chiefs game on September 24, there have been notable positive effects. Her attendance significantly boosted ticket sales, with an immediate surge in demand for tickets and a substantial increase in jersey sales for Kelce.

While Swift attended four games, she temporarily paused her attendance to continue her Eras Tour in South America. Unfortunately, an unfortunate incident occurred during her concert in Brazil, leading to the postponement of the show. Subsequently, Swift missed the Chiefs’ game against the Eagles, her hometown team.

Kansas City faced rare losses in the two games she attended post her South American tour. Although their victory against the New England Patriots helped the Chiefs, their overall performance during that game didn’t match their usual standards.

Despite the ongoing speculations around Swift’s association with the Chiefs’ losses, their record during her presence has shown a reasonable success rate, with the team securing a 5-2 record compared to a 4-3 record in games she didn’t attend.

As of Week 15, the Chiefs hold a 9-5 record. Last season, they were 11-3 at the same point, culminating in their third Super Bowl victory. While their current performance may not match the previous season’s, the Chiefs are leading the AFC West race and are poised to secure a playoff spot soon, though not guaranteed yet.

In summary, while the Swift “curse” talk persists, the Chiefs have maintained a respectable track record when she’s been present, suggesting that attributing their losses solely to her attendance might be overly simplistic.

Here are Kansas City’s results through the season:

Date Opponent Result
Sept. 7 vs. Lions L, 21-20
Sept. 17 at Jaguars W, 17-9
Sept. 24 vs. Bears* W, 41-10
Oct. 1 at Jets* W, 23-20
Oct. 8 at Vikings W, 27-20
Oct. 12 vs. Broncos* W, 19-8
Oct. 22 vs. Chargers* W, 31-17
Oct. 29 at Broncos L, 24-9
Nov. 5 vs. Dolphins W, 21-14
Nov. 20 vs. Eagles L, 21-17
Nov. 26 at Raiders W, 31-17
Dec. 3 at Packers* L, 27-19
Dec. 10 vs. Bills* L, 20-17
Dec. 17 at Patriots* W, 27-17
Dec. 25 vs. Raiders TBD
Dec. 31 vs. Bengals TBD
Jan. 1 at Chargers TBD