Harvard faculty appeal to the university’s board members to address growing concerns in more direct manner


Some of the key members of Harvard’s faculty and the university’s top governing held a meeting last week to discuss discuss the unprecedented problems at one of the most prestigious universities in the States.

Harvard faces many problems: rising antisemitism on campus and the university’s controversial response to it, president Claudine Gay’s ongoing scandal of plagiarism, plunging applications and an affirmative action ruling from the Supreme Court that leaves the university with an uncertain future.

The meeting, first reported by the New York Times, included Jeff Flier, a former dean of Harvard Medical School, and Steven Pinker, a professor of psychology at Harvard University, among two other faculty. The members had a rather frank and cordial discussion with Tracy Palandjjian, founder of nonprofit and private equity Paul Finnegan, who are both members of the Harvard Faculty.


Flier has urged the members of the university at the top to address the challenges faced by the institution in a more direct manner.

“If people are saying the university is making mistakes – they are talking about you!” said Flier to the corporation members. The quote was first provided to the New York Times.