Hamas wishes to extend the current truce agreement, which could potentially release more Israeli hostages


Hamas says it wants to see an extension of the current pause in fighting in Gaza, a move which can result in increase of number of hostages being released.

Under the current deal, the last day of truce is Monday.

Hamas issued a statement wherein they mentioned “seeking to extend the truce after the end of the four days through seriously trying to increase the number of hostages released as stipulated in the humanitarian truce deal.”


As per the reports by BBC, citing a senior Palestinian official in Qatar, Hamas has expressed their wish to mediator that they are willing to extending the truce by two to four days, which could potentially see the release of additional 20 to 40 Israeli hostages.

As per the terms of current agreement, Hamas is required to release at least 50 Israeli hostages in exchange for 150 Palestinian prisoners, in four days.

The Israeli officials are yet to comment on this development. However, it was previously reported that the truce could be extended if at least 10 Israelis were released on daily basis, but at the same time, they had insisted that the truce was temporary and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to eliminate Hamas from the region.