Hamas releases lesser than 10 hostages on Thursday in exchange for 30 Palestinian prisoners


On Thursday, which was potentially the last day of truce agreement striked between Israel and Hamas by Qatar, more Israeli hostages were swapped for Palestinian prisoners.

Hamas released eight hostages, who were handed over to the Red Cross in Gaza and were later taken to Israel for medical evaluation and reunion with their families. Among those freed include two women, who were handed over to Israeli authorities in Gaza in an area which is under Israel’s control for several weeks now. The Israeli troops there have been conducting operations in search for the hostages.

In response, Israel freed 30 Palestinians from its prison. They were sent to West Bank in a bus, where they were welcomed by dozens of men, some of them holding green Hamas flags, in the city of Ramallah.


During the truce, at least 10 Israeli hostages were released a day in return for at least 30 Palestinian prisoners.

When asked why Hamas had released lesser than 10 hostages on Thursday, the military’s chief spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari explained that 12 hostages were released a day before, implying that the overall total had met Israeli demands.