Hamas confirms releasing two Russian hostages as they travel to Israel in Red Cross van


Hamas has confirmed that it has handed over two Russian hostages to the Red Cross in Gaza, following the efforts from the Kremlin to negotiate their release, as per Hamas media.

It is not yet clear if the two Russian hostages hold Israeli citizenship. The Israeli citizenship in the past had not mentioned dual citizenship.

It was also confirmed by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) that the hostages released on Wednesday were not a part of the ongoing truce agreement, citing the information received from medical group. It also said the hostages are already transferred to Red Cross on Wednesday and are on the way to Israeli territory.


As of now, it is not clear if it is the same Russian hostages, which Hamas has reported about and that they hold dual citizenship.

The media also provided with evidence of the Red Cross vehicles entering Egypt from the Rafah border, however, it was not clear who was in the vehicles.

The Russian Foreign Ministry is yet to comment on the release of two hostages – both women.

This comes after Sunday’s release of hostages, which included a Russian man, holding dual citizenship.