Hailey Bieber flaunts adorable initial nail art, revealing a surprise letter choice


Hailey Bieber, much like many of us, adores accessorizing with initials. In a moment that sparked memes and conversations, her husband, Justin Bieber, sported a casual outfit while Hailey flaunted a stunning red cocktail dress along with a charming “B” necklace by Alex Moss. This particular bubble-letter necklace has become a staple in her wardrobe, making regular appearances in various photos. The choice of the initial “B” is fitting since she embodies both the Baldwin and Bieber names. However, when given another chance to accessorize with an initial, she surprised many with her selection.

Recently, Hailey attended the holiday party for Rhode, a skincare brand she holds dear, looking predictably fabulous. Donning a metallic burgundy long-sleeve mini dress, she complemented her look with a radiant beauty ensemble, featuring glossy red lips, gorgeously highlighted cheeks, and captivating glazed eyes that rival the distinct glazed donut nails she previously popularized. Interestingly, her manicure for the event wasn’t fully complete until she arrived at the soirée.

The morning after the party, Hailey shared a brief video on her Instagram Stories, displaying a natural-looking manicure with a shiny finish – the perfect base for the additional detail she received at the gathering.


In the video, she wrote, “We had cute nail art at our holiday party last night,” showcasing an accent nail adorned with a gem and an endearing, raised “R” charm. She clarified, “R for @rhode,” affirming the association with the brand.

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