Gwyneth Paltrow brushes off the label of “nepo baby”


In a recent interview with Bustle, Academy Award-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow addressed the notion of being labeled a ‘nepo baby.’ She emphatically rejected the label, expressing her desire for her daughter to forge her own path in her career, free from the weight of family legacy. Gwyneth emphasized that her daughter, Apple, is primarily a student who simply wants to experience the joys of childhood, attend school, and learn. She advocated for the idea that there’s nothing inherently wrong with choosing a career in line with what one’s parents do.

Gwyneth went on to make a compelling comparison, highlighting that society generally doesn’t criticize a child who aspires to follow in their parent’s footsteps in professions like medicine. She explained that the environment a child grows up in heavily influences their interests and pursuits. For instance, children raised in households of artists and musicians naturally gravitate towards those creative outlets, much like those in legal families might engage in discussions about various aspects of the law.

She also referred to the term ‘nepo baby’ as an ‘ugly moniker,’ emphasizing the negative connotations associated with it.


Gwyneth’s own family background is noteworthy. She is the daughter of the accomplished Emmy and Tony Award-winning actor, Blythe Danner, who recently appeared in Netflix’s romantic comedy “Happiness for Beginners.” Her father, Bruce Paltrow, was an esteemed Academy Award-winning producer, although he tragically passed away in 2002.

Gwyneth entered the nepotism discourse when she commented on a post by Hailey Bieber wearing a ‘nepo baby’ T-shirt on Instagram earlier this year. Gwyneth’s supportive comment on the post indicated her acknowledgment of the complexities surrounding the topic. Hailey Bieber, herself, is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin and the niece of the distinguished Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor Alec Baldwin.

Gwyneth’s most recent on-screen appearance was in the Russo Brothers’ 2019 Marvel film “Avengers: Endgame,” solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.