Gunna’s weight loss transformation have our jaws dropped!


In May 2022, Gunna and Young Thug faced serious legal troubles that led to their imprisonment, shocking their fans and the music community. Amidst the turmoil, Kim Kardashian and numerous supporters advocated for Gunna’s release on social media, rallying behind the “pushin P” rapper. While Young Thug remained incarcerated, Gunna was released in December 2022 after pleading guilty to a charge of conspiring to violate Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. Shortly after his release, Gunna posted his first Instagram photo since being freed, showing him in an all-black outfit and calling for Young Thug’s release in the caption. This photo also revealed Gunna’s noticeable weight loss since his arrest.

By April 2023, a closer photo of Gunna surfaced, showcasing his slimmer physique in a long-sleeve white T-shirt, which fans quickly noticed. Comments on social media highlighted his transformation, with one user on X (formerly Twitter) remarking, “Gunna skinnyyyy! He was in the jail cell stressinggg,” while another lamented, “Gunna I wanted you when you was fat.”

As more photos of Gunna’s new look circulated, fans were buzzing about his dramatic transformation. A May 2023 photo of Gunna in a sleeveless tee particularly caught attention, with one fan tweeting, “Dat boi Gunna been in the gym,” alongside a strong emoji. The change was so striking that some fans speculated it was a hoax, leading to the “Gunna clone” theory.



The Gunna clone theory

As Gunna’s new appearance became more widely seen, a theory emerged online that the person in the photos was not the real “WUNNA” artist but a lookalike. One fan on Instagram dismissed these conspiracy theories, writing in June 2023, “Every time somebody comes home from jail y’all say they a clone, like shut up they not eating for real in there and they stressed.” Another fan added, “When you go to jail you either come out fit or fat.”

This theory persisted into July 2023 when Gunna released the video for his hit single “f**umean.” In the video, Gunna appeared in a tank top and overalls, prompting disbelief among fans at his weight loss. A viral tweet featuring a screenshot from the video read, “No way this is Gunna,” to which Gunna responded with a quote-tweet, “f**umean.” Later, Gunna addressed his weight loss publicly.

In September 2023, TMZ caught up with a fit-looking Gunna and asked about his secret to staying in shape. Known for his rumored relationships, including with Chlöe Bailey, Gunna humorously attributed his new physique to his intimate activities, saying, “Lifting legs.” However, he later revealed the real story behind his transformation.

On April 15, 2024, Gunna spoke with XXL about his weight loss journey, sharing that he lost nearly 40 pounds, a process that began during his incarceration. “Less eating. Especially when I went to jail. I lost a lot of weight,” he explained. “And when I got home, I started working out and just keeping it fit. And now, I’m on a year straight of all working out.” Before his imprisonment, Gunna struggled to maintain a fitness routine, but post-release, he committed to his health. “I got a trainer. I work out six days a week. I eat better. I eat clean,” he said.

XXL’s Instagram promotion of the interview focused on Gunna’s body transformation, but some fans continued to accuse him of snitching on Young Thug and other YSL members to secure his release. One user commented, “Bro didn’t get a trainer he’s just in the police academy,” while another wrote, “He been runnin’ for a long time.” Despite these accusations, Young Thug’s father, Jeffery Williams Sr., publicly stated in September 2023 that Gunna did not betray his son.

Despite some negative comments, Gunna received an outpouring of support when he posted a shirtless video on Instagram on April 21, 2024. One fan commented, “Gunna, you’ve undergone evolution,” reflecting the awe many felt at his impressive transformation.