GTA 5 Source Code and Rockstar Data Reportedly Surface Online


The recent leak of Grand Theft Auto 5’s source code and other confidential materials from Rockstar Games has sent shockwaves through the gaming community. This incident follows a series of security breaches that have plagued Rockstar over the past year, including leaks related to Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay and an early trailer reveal due to unauthorized disclosures.

Initial reports suggest that a 4GB file containing predominantly code has been leaked online, but a complete version of the source code, estimated to be around 200GB, has not surfaced yet. This comprehensive file includes assets, 3D models, and other crucial elements that could potentially allow for the reconstruction and execution of the game. While efforts are being made to remove online links to the leaked source code, it has already begun circulating widely across various social media platforms.

The magnitude of this leak is significant, extending beyond GTA 5 to include unreleased materials from Bully 2, portions of code from the highly anticipated GTA 6, and even details about unreleased DLCs like the Trevor expansion for GTA 5. Additionally, it’s reported to include a map from the canceled project “Agent,” adding to the breadth of confidential material exposed.


The repercussions are substantial and concerning, not just for Rockstar Games but also for the gaming community. The leaked source code poses potential security risks, as hackers might exploit vulnerabilities to execute code remotely on players’ systems. This raises serious safety concerns, particularly for GTA Online, as it could become vulnerable to exploitation, endangering players’ experiences.

The timing of this leak during the holiday season compounds the challenge, potentially impacting the availability of Rockstar’s development team to address and mitigate the fallout from this breach. The situation demands swift action to safeguard player security and the integrity of Rockstar’s games, but the vast scale of the leaked materials poses a significant challenge in containing its impact.