Gray and Seager Shine: Key Takeaways from Rangers’ Game 3 Victory Against Diamondbacks


In Game 3 of the World Series, the Rangers extended their remarkable postseason performance. Their victory of 3-1 at Chase Field not only puts them ahead 2-1 in the championship series but also highlights their exceptional success on the road, where they now stand at an unprecedented 9-0 in postseason play, setting a new MLB record.

What makes this achievement even more astounding is the stark contrast to their regular season performance. While the Rangers boasted a strong home record, being 19 games over .500, their performance on the road was less impressive, with a record just one game below .500.

Shifting focus to Game 3, Jon Gray, often overshadowed by high-profile signings in the Rangers’ roster, took center stage. Gray, who had inked a four-year, $56-million deal, showed his mettle when he was called in to replace Texas starter Max Scherzer due to an injury. He faced the first eight Arizona batters flawlessly, and though a line drive resulted in a single, Gray swiftly retired the next batter, capping an impressive three innings.


This performance marked a significant contrast to Gray’s first playoff outing in 2017, underscoring the growth he’s achieved. When asked about his experience, Gray couldn’t hide his enjoyment, emphasizing how much fun he was having.

Moving on to Corey Seager, even in what some would consider a “subpar” World Series, he managed to hit a home run, tally four RBIs, score four runs, and secure hits in five of the seven 2017 games. This level of performance would be enviable for most players, but for Seager, it seemed like he was just setting the stage for greater things.

In the current World Series, Seager has already launched two impressive home runs, including a game-tying shot in the ninth inning of Game 3. These feats, coupled with Gray’s stellar relief, firmly position Seager as a strong contender for World Series MVP honors.

However, amid the triumphs, concerns loom over injuries to Max Scherzer and Adolis Garcia. Scherzer’s departure with back tightness raises questions about his availability for potential future games. This situation may force Gray into a starting role, potentially affecting his availability for Game 5.

Yet, perhaps the more pressing concern is Garcia’s injury. A crucial figure for the Rangers, Garcia’s offensive prowess and leadership have been instrumental in their postseason success. His potential absence would be deeply felt in all facets of the game, making updates on his condition anxiously awaited by both the team and its supporters.