Google software engineer reveals unique work approach and lucrative earnings: Report

A Google software engineer works for one hour per day for an annual salary of $150,000, know more…


A Google software engineer in his twenties, operating under the pseudonym Devon, has revealed a unique approach to his work routine, managing to maintain a lucrative annual salary of $150,000 (approximately Rs 1.2 crore) while dedicating just about an hour each day to his tasks. Despite his abbreviated work hours, Devon thrives at his role of coding for Google’s suite of tools and products. His method involves tackling a substantial portion of a task at the start of the week, submitting it to his manager, and then navigating the rest of the week more smoothly.

Devon’s approach to his role challenges the conventional notion of long work hours, demonstrating that productivity can be achieved through a strategic allocation of effort. His relaxed stance toward managerial messages reflects his confidence in addressing matters at a later point without catastrophic consequences.

This revelation shines a light on Google’s distinct workplace culture, which is famously appealing to employees. The company’s unconventional campus environment, complimentary meals, and generous compensation packages contribute to a high employee satisfaction rate of 97 percent, far exceeding the 57 percent satisfaction rate found in standard US companies.


Devon’s journey with Google began as an intern, where he recognized the potential for securing a full-time position without overly strenuous efforts. He strategically managed his pace of work, even completing coding assignments ahead of schedule during his internship, allowing him to enjoy a week-long vacation to Hawaii.