Google Implements Security Policy: Inactive Gmail Accounts to be Deleted Starting Friday

Users Urged to Take Action to Preserve Data as Google Prepares to Remove Unused Accounts


In accordance with a new security policy, Google is set to commence the deletion of inactive Gmail accounts, starting as early as this Friday. The tech giant had previously announced in May its intention to delete Google accounts that remained unused for the past two years, including associated emails, photos, and other stored data. As the implementation date approaches, users are advised to take necessary steps to ensure their information is not affected.

The upcoming change, scheduled to take effect in December, emphasizes Google’s commitment to user security. The company aims to protect users by addressing potential vulnerabilities associated with inactive accounts. Forgotten accounts are more susceptible to compromise, often relying on outdated passwords and lacking additional layers of protection such as two-step verification.

Google’s phased approach to deleting inactive accounts will commence with those that were created but never utilized. The company has outlined its intention to send multiple notifications to both the inactive account and its designated recovery email before initiating the deletion process.


To prevent the deletion of an old account, users need to sign in and take any action within the account, such as reading an email or using Google Drive. These activities will keep the account active for at least an additional two years, as outlined by Google.

The implementation of this security policy reflects a broader industry trend towards enhancing user safety and mitigating potential security risks. By proactively addressing inactive accounts, Google aims to reduce the likelihood of compromised accounts and protect users from potential vulnerabilities associated with neglected or forgotten online profiles. Users are encouraged to check and update their account status promptly to avoid any unintended loss of data.