Google blocked billions of ads and millions of ad accounts last year for violating its rules


Google’s annual Ads Safety Report for 2023 reveals a significant increase in its efforts to safeguard the digital advertising ecosystem. The report indicates that Google blocked or removed 12.7 million advertiser accounts, nearly double the figure from the previous year. Additionally, the tech giant removed 5.5 billion ads for policy violations, showing a slight increase compared to the prior year.

The report underscores Google’s commitment to maintaining a healthy and safe ad-supported internet. Despite the increase in enforcement actions, the company acknowledges the evolving challenges posed by scams and fraud in online advertising.

Generative AI has played a pivotal role in shaping the digital advertising landscape. Google’s deployment of AI tools across its ads business has introduced changes ranging from image editing to performance optimization. However, this advancement has also raised concerns among workers about job security, particularly following layoffs affecting various departments earlier this year.


Internally, Google’s use of Large Language Models (LLMs) has facilitated quicker review and interpretation of content by safety teams, enabling better enforcement on complex topics such as unreliable financial claims.

As the battle against scam ads continues, Google remains focused on updating policies, training more workers, and enhancing detection techniques. The company acknowledges the increasing sophistication of bad actors, who utilize tactics like deepfakes to deceive people.

The report also highlights the broader landscape of online advertising, with companies like Apple reportedly considering expanding ads across more of their apps. Despite the challenges, Google is optimistic about its investments in policy, detection, and enforcement, aiming to make the advertising landscape safer for users.