Golden Retriever Mishap: Dog Chews Owner’s Passport Before Wedding


Donato Frattaroli, a resident of Boston, is grappling with an unexpected challenge just days ahead of his eagerly anticipated wedding in Italy. His mischievous Golden Retriever, Chickie, who is a mere year and a half old, inadvertently chewed through Frattaroli’s passport. This unexpected predicament has thrown a wrench into his wedding plans, compelling him and his fiancée to urgently seek a solution before their scheduled ceremony on August 31.

After completing the necessary marriage paperwork at the city hall, the couple returned home only to discover the aftermath of Chickie’s playful escapade – several pages of Frattaroli’s passport had fallen victim to the dog’s curious teeth.

Undeterred, the couple swiftly reached out to local authorities in hopes of securing a replacement passport in time for their imminent wedding. Frattaroli expressed his anxiety and the unforeseen situation, highlighting the cooperative efforts of Congressman Stephen Lynch’s office and Senator Ed Markey’s office in assisting with the expedited passport issuance process. The State Department has been engaged in navigating the predicament, aiming to resolve the matter promptly.


In light of the impending ceremony, Frattaroli has made provisional plans should a new passport not be obtained in time. He has contemplated staying back in Boston while his fiancée and wedding guests proceed to Italy for the celebration. Alternatively, if the passport situation remains unresolved, he intends to reunite with the wedding party upon their return to the United States.