Glen Powell Spent 6 Hours Watching a Tom Cruise Video ‘Breaking Down Everything He’s Learned About Filmmaking’


Glen Powell shared some entertaining anecdotes about his experiences with Tom Cruise during the production of “Top Gun: Maverick” in a recent cover story interview with GQ UK magazine. Powell, who auditioned for the role of Rooster but ultimately portrayed Hangman, developed a close friendship with Cruise on set.

During discussions about Powell’s role as Hangman, he expressed his ideas on how the character could enhance the story while maintaining the essence of the original “Top Gun.” Powell appreciated Cruise’s receptiveness to his input, noting Cruise’s attentive and collaborative nature.

One memorable moment for Powell was when Cruise personally piloted a helicopter to fly them back to London from Pinewood Studios. Cruise playfully simulated an emergency landing, giving Powell quite the scare during the flight.


Another unique experience was when Cruise invited Powell to a private screening in Los Angeles to watch a comprehensive “film school” video he had created. Powell found himself alone in an empty theater, watching Cruise break down various aspects of filmmaking over six hours. Cruise intended the video solely for his friends and didn’t plan to release it publicly.

Reflecting on his interactions with Cruise, Powell shared valuable career advice he received from the veteran actor. Cruise emphasized the importance of films resonating with universal emotions and addressing anxieties that everyone can relate to for global success.

Powell, who is emerging as a leading man in Hollywood, acknowledged his past audition failures for iconic roles like Captain America and Han Solo. Despite these setbacks, he remains focused on his career trajectory. Powell expressed a preference for roles like Batman, citing his childhood admiration for the character and his unique take on the iconic superhero.

In discussing Hollywood trends, Powell observed a shift towards favoring actors like Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth, who can balance action with humor. This change in preference has opened up opportunities for actors with a similar skill set, including Powell himself.

As Powell continues to navigate his career, he remains optimistic about the evolving landscape of Hollywood and the potential for diverse roles and storytelling opportunities.