Georgia claims top spot in preseason NCAA re-rank, Michigan nears as formidable challenger


The unveiling of the USA TODAY Sports NCAA Re-Rank 1-133 for the forthcoming season has ignited anticipation, and the decision to anoint the No. 1 team amidst intricate considerations has been unveiled. Georgia, the reigning dual national champions, has emerged as the chosen frontrunner, positioned ahead of Michigan. Despite the challenges posed by the departure of pivotal all-conference players transitioning to the NFL, including the likes of quarterback Stetson Bennett and defensive lineman Jalen Carter, Georgia maintains its stance as a resolute contender, poised to etch a historic third consecutive championship triumph.

\The intricate task of pinpointing the foremost team in the preseason USA TODAY Sports NCAA Re-Rank 1-133 has proven to be a formidable endeavor. The decision to bestow Georgia with the coveted title of the No. 1 team is rooted in unequivocal recognition of their back-to-back national championship accolades, notwithstanding the exodus of several all-conference standouts who have transitioned to the NFL. Prominent among these departures are quarterback Stetson Bennett and defensive lineman Jalen Carter. Georgia stands poised to etch its name in the annals of history, driven by its pursuit of a remarkable third consecutive championship in the contemporary era of college football.

However, the narrative of supremacy is closely contested by Michigan, a contender strategically positioned within the Jim Harbaugh era. The Wolverines boast a composition primed for dominance within the Big Ten conference, casting a competitive shadow even against the formidable Bulldogs. Their prowess extends to a prospective showdown against Georgia in January, fostering the tantalizing prospect of securing victory.


The rankings progress with No. 3 Ohio State, No. 4 Clemson, and No. 5 Alabama. The re-rank predicts that Clemson will emerge triumphant in the ACC, with No. 7 Florida State as a formidable contender. Within the top 10, we find No. 6 Penn State, No. 8 Notre Dame, No. 9 Southern California, and No. 10 Texas. The Longhorns, poised as frontrunners in the Big 12, contend with the challenges posed by No. 13 Kansas State and No. 17 Oklahoma. A comprehensive breakdown reveals a diverse representation: six SEC teams, five from the Pac-12, four from the Big Ten, four from the ACC, and three from the Big 12.

As the re-rank broadens its scope to encompass 133 teams, the inclusion of Jacksonville State and Sam Houston State into Conference USA has had minimal impact on the fortunes of Massachusetts. The team commences the new season at the 133rd spot, retaining its position in the face of evolving collegiate football dynamics.