George Santos expects to expelled from Congress in near future


Rep. George Santos said he expects the Congress to expel him in coming days and he shall “wear it like a badge of honor.”

“I know I’m going to get expelled when this expulsion resolution goes to the floor,” said the New York Republican Friday on an X Space hosted by conservative media personality Monica Matthews.

He said that he has “done the math over and over,” while laughing, and it does not look good to be in his favor.


Earlier this month, the Ethic Committee released a 56-page report stating they had enough evidence that Santos violated the federal law. The report alleged that Santos funneled a large sum of money through his campaign and businesses to pay for his personal expenses, such as cosmetic procedures like Botox, at luxury stores Hermes and Ferragamo, at smaller purchases at the adult content site – OnlyFans, meals, travel, parking, and rent.

Post the reports were release, Rep. Michael Guest, the chairman of the Ethics Committee, introduced a resolution to expel the embattled Representative. The Mississippi Republican argued that the findings were more than sufficient to warrant punishment, which would be expulsion.