George Santos claims lawmakers ‘bullying’ him as expulsion vote looms


Defiant Representative George Santos on Thursday said that the House members were “bullying” him as a vote on his expulsion from Congress loomed and warned that if a third effort to remove him were successful, it would lead to the downfall of several other lawmakers down the line.

At a news conference, Santos added that he would never resign and railed against House Ethics Committee report – which detailed a litany of fraud and ethics violations allegations against him – as incomplete and “littered with hyperbole.”

Standing in front of U.S. Capitol surrounded by scores of cameras and reporters, the New York Republican said, “The reality of it is it’s all theatre. It’s theater for cameras, it’s theater for the microphones, it’s theaters for the American people at the expense of the American people, because no real work’s getting done.”


As per the schedule, the House is expected to begin debate over the resolution to expel Santos from Congress. The voting will be held on Friday. The move towards his expulsion comes after Ethics Committee released a scathing report of 56 pages.