George Lucas’ Stealthy Setup: Ahsoka’s Origins Traced Back Before Her Debut


Dave Filoni has ingeniously utilized the Ahsoka Disney Plus series to broaden the scope of Star Wars beyond the familiar galaxy. In his storytelling, Filoni draws from George Lucas’s influence, notably expanding on the boundaries of the Star Wars universe set by Lucas.

Traditionally, Star Wars narratives, under Lucas’s direction, primarily unfolded within a network of planets within a single galaxy. Familiar locations like Tattooine, Naboo, and Endor were recurrent in Lucas’s Star Wars films, establishing a sense of a vibrant and interconnected universe. Filoni’s approach, as observed in his Star Wars series, challenges this limitation, but intriguingly, he does so while building upon concepts seeded by Lucas himself.

Surprisingly, the groundwork for Ahsoka’s storyline is rooted in the prequel films. Filoni points out a specific detail in “Attack of the Clones” where an image of the galaxy reveals smaller galaxies nearby. This seemingly innocuous detail sparked Filoni’s curiosity and laid the foundation for the expanded narrative direction.


This expanded canvas of the Star Wars galaxy served a crucial purpose in Filoni’s storytelling. It provided a remote and unexplored location where characters like Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra Bridger were stranded for years, offering an engaging MacGuffin that drove Ahsoka, Sabine Wren, and the antagonist Baylan Skoll in their pursuit.

In Ahsoka, the narrative takes the audience to Peridea, a distant planet frequented by Purrgil (space whales) and adorned with statues of the Mortis Gods. This enigmatic world pulsates with Force energy, introducing a realm rich in mystery and significance. Even with the season’s conclusion, key characters remain stuck on Peridea while Thrawn and Ezra return to Mustafar.

Furthermore, Ahsoka introduces elements like the Nightsisters, significantly elevating the importance of Force magic within the Star Wars saga. Filoni’s ambitious storytelling within the Disney Plus show introduces controversial yet intriguing concepts, expanding the Star Wars galaxy into a comprehensive universe. However, this expansion might seem to deviate from the original framing of “a galaxy far, far away,” causing some to perceive it as a shift in the mission of the franchise.

Nevertheless, Filoni’s narrative direction undeniably draws from Lucas’s repository of untapped ideas for Star Wars. As Filoni gradually unfolds these ideas, it’s anticipated that further upheaval in the canon will occur with the release dates of “Skeleton Crew” and “The Acolyte.”